Tips to Select the Best Virtual Voicemail System


If you're considering changing your voicemail system or improving your phone number extension, this article will help you select the best virtual voicemail system for your business. Unlike traditional physical voicemail systems, virtual ones are automated by software. It allows them to be easily updated and maintained without technicians. The virtual voicemail systems provide businesses with the ability to receive calls while they’re away from their office, reduce phone costs, increase security, and comply with new regulations like the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

In this article, you will learn about the major tips on selecting the best virtual system for better outcomes. Once you understand how they work, it will be very helpful to you when finding the best phone system for your company. If you need a more advanced system that allows callers to leave a message with more info, you must grab more details about it. If you pay attention to the following points, it will allow you to get an idea about some significant factors that you must consider when selecting a virtual phone system.

  1. Business Type –

The business' type determines the type of virtual voicemail system you can use. For example, if your business is a single-location one, you can go for a simple voicemail system. On the contrary, if you have various locations or offices, you must go for a more advanced version that offers more features.


  1. Call Handling –

It will determine how many staff members are required to operate it. The more staff members you have, the better. If you have enough numbers, you can also consider outsourcing the entire call handling to a third-party provider.


  1. Caller ID –

Most virtual voicemail systems allow callers to see their names. However, some show just the phone number and don't reveal the caller's name or number. So, it depends on your requirement whether to select a virtual voicemail system that shows caller ID information or not.


  1. Affordable –

If your business wants to save money, you should consider an excellent virtual voicemail system. They are affordable and cost-effective for small and medium-sized businesses.


  1. Storage Capacity –

It ensures that your incoming voice mail virtual messages are saved. Generally, most virtual voicemail systems come with 500 messages per account storage capacity. However, some of the new versions come with a higher capacity.


  1. Voicemail to Email –

This option allows you to receive voice messages as an email. This method is preferable for small businesses that want to save space. It also helps in saving storage costs as well.


  1. Mobile Access –

If your business requires mobile access, then better go for the virtual system that provides mobile access. For example, most virtual voicemail systems allow users to check their messages via smartphones or tablets.

Companies that are not aware of the major tips for selecting the best virtual voicemail system can consider the abovementioned factors. All the factors are very helpful in selecting the best system for you better business results.